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Tuesday, August 21, 200712:41 AM
today at school veri sianx lor,the lesson are boring.but at Geo lesson i being to get nervous,cher sae alot of people fail,sum oni get 22/40.i then relax when cher sae sum get 26,27,28,oni scaring us sia,the whole class relax when hear tis.but there is oni 4 failer.i get 28/40~ not bad lah,A2 science lesson aso veri nervous,alot of us fail sia,lucky i oni juz of my frenz fail & she cry,quite alot of us fail.but actually it was not our fault lor,it was all the cher fault.the cher never teach us well,the highest mark oni 30 suntinx lor.last 2 term miss ong teach veri good lor,i at least get 30 sumtinx,the highest are alway 40 sumtinx~marvellous rite? when change cher then becum like tis,so the new cher teach untill so lousy,it was not our fault so cannot blame us.i juz hope my other subject will pass =)

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