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Tuesday, August 28, 20077:45 AM
watlao leh,my math fail again,from pri 5 till now,haix.why leh? i hate math 4eva lor.i bet i was going to be scolded by my mum again lah,i used to it liao & i bet my mum aso expected it lor.but i still veri scare sia,i dun wan to die lah...... but today veri funni lor,kerencia & xitong walk wrong level & nearly went into bois toliet.lucky b4 they go in they find it nt rite & they scream sia.LOL~we laugh until siao,too funni already,alot of our class bois saw them walk into it.they keep asking kerencia & xitong why they go into bois toliet.......... hahaha
haix~fail 2 subject~math & history~alway tis 2 subject one lor>sianx lar.sp gd my frenz all pass & mr yong wan to see me but hack care lar tmr morning go see him can liao math realli fail until so badly sia....... :( sob...sob.... :(

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