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Saturday, September 1, 200710:39 AM
=D today my birthday veri happy.all my cousin cum to my hse to celebrate my the pasta tat was made my mum to mum ask mi to go choose a cake at swensen.i choose a ice-cream cake,strawberry & blueberry,cost $42.80.the cake veri nice lor.Ahming gif mi a yellow shop brand T-shirt,$19.90,she sae tis one is veri suitable for xiiaomeimei,as gt pink colour,cute cartoon oni it as she alway sae i was xiiaomeimei.Ahma (fiona) buy me JJ Lin new album,xi jie,i was realli veri happy first my bro gf (vivian jie jie) buy for me at the same time,but i gt from Ahma first,so she nid to go refund,so sorri for tat =( but in the end she gif mi a red packet,$20,cuz she dun noe buy mi wat mah.vivian jie jie birthday aso gonna reach,i dun noe buy wat leh.My jiu jiu aso gif mi red packet,$20,my grandma gif mi $12.Ah kun jie jie & ah ling jie jie sae wan to treat me steak at Jack place,i dun noe when can go and eat =D my aunt tmr buy mi diamond...... quite happy siaa.tmr aso go OG buy clothes & bro haven buy mi birthday present ,the tinx i help him to cover up,and the $20 he own mi.but i won nag him cuz he sure will buy sumtinx one.his birthday aso cuming,his 21 birthday,the day he announced to be adult.his birthday are important than my 13 th birthday mah.but today realli veri frenz wish mi everyday happy & find all JJ tinx tat i wan.but today aso veri angry lor,my birthday yet my mum keep asking mi to do all hsework,wash plates & bowl.i gt sweep the floor & do all the tinx & attentain my cousin them hor.yet my mum was playing manjong sia,ask me to go cook rice & cook soup,wat lao kanina bu lar my mum,i should be the one playing leh.i din mop the floor & keep the pasta oni wat,cum back keep nagging.wat lao lah,tat why i prefer to go out wif my frenz,i so angry birthday dun let mi go out wif frenz,my mum muz be purposely ask my cousin to cum cuz she noe i sure go birthday aso dun gif mi break,ask mi to tis do tat.i today aso dun play veri happy,oni hsework OK.

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