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Sunday, December 30, 20079:08 AM
halo.....writing nv go to my cousin hse to play,dun n0e why leh,suddenly my mum change her decision sia.nw watching the x family third time,realli tat show watch hw mani time still nt sianx leh.but cnnt blame mi lah,oni tis show is suitable for my taste eat quite full for dinner cuz my father cook porridge,fried egg,hotdog & mani tinx sia.
0_0______sianx!! sianx!!sianx!!
my idoit brother today bring his frenz to my hse to play majong & poka card.hope they better dun be too noisy or else i will be mad.still haven prepare for the sch tinx,why time alway files so nv ending like for the nxt yr i muz kam bae teh liao,cuz nxt yr is streaming exam is it?my aunt sae if gt 2A can go hongkong,3A can go autralia,anyway since the last time lesson,i n0e tat muz work hard liao.i muz get my math better,cnnt keep play comp,i nid to haf a better future for myself.muz control myself to keep surf internet,muz study aso.but at jan19 maybe veri hard,cuz jj new show~yuan lai wo bu shuai~ is shown on TV at zhong shi wei shi tai~channel 46,9pm.i realli looking forward to it lor.ok ok.....i juz write to here

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