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Wednesday, January 9, 20083:28 AM
.....tis few day quite busy wor,veri fan nao abt alot cher....i aso veri tired at band cuz keep doing formation,music & marching.well ytd is my ba0beii cousin bd,i wonder wat present should i buy for her ??? haix...quite stress at at class veri funni,mi,kerencia,bryan n junwei keep making fun of junkai~who ask him so neurd.hahaha.junkai so neurd yet he go becum a chairman.where gt chairman alway so blur,keep forget to bring tinx,dun n0e wat cher is telling him...even math cher cnnt stand of tat time geo cher ask chairman to go take file,then he sae huh!cher sae wat tinx?to junwei.kerencia maybe cher ask him go die,he aso sae huh!.LOL.hahaha.i n0e laughing at ppl is nt rite but i realli cnnt stand anymore,he too neurd!!! today aso deciding the design for our class t-shirt,hope it was a nice one but nt too expensive mp4 lesson is speech n drama~sianx lor cuz last yr gt play tis progamme paisai lor cuz is acting one mah.but today veri funni when cum to intro ourself,the bois especially.tmr gt literature,hope is nt mrs yip cuz she look like gorilla.BB.. :D

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