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Friday, January 18, 20085:26 AM
haix~today veri sianx leh though lesson veri less.first lesson is the math,when mr teo is giving QN,he go gif mi the marker & told mi to do.walao leh! idoit bastard lor,i tio 2 times liao lor.nxt is AA lesson,she toking lame tinx again,asking us to do journal like we primary kids like tat.i hate tat feeling!! then recess,eat eat eat.....then is IT lesson,quite fun arh,alot ppl dunno who is our prime minister.LOL.then is science lesson lor...the small head wif big body come in b4 we come back from IT.then tok tok tok,nag nag nag,yet i & ming was making egg wif liquid & sweet potato cut from earaser,so lame =_=lll

blah blah blah.......then when sch end,mi & keren go toilet change out pe attire for cca,ming pon nvr go arh...then i alone at band.then i myself went put bag,take my french horn then fall in lor.but today oni 1 sec 1 cum leh,a malay girl...waiyin then take the recorder & see if we blow correct note lor.then bryan keep irritatting mi,ver fan leh he,keep disturbing mi,alway follow mi,sux leh he,idoit ru band gt do gimix wif the stick & ahgogo.veri fun leh.first tied a string around our waist,hang the ahgogo on there,put the stick in pocket.then doing the gimix,knee down,put down the horn,must quickly take out the ahgogo & stick,when 3 then put them infront,stand up & left up...ting ting ting,right down ....ting ting ting,up....ting ting ting...left down...ting ting ting...infront....ting ting ting,then knee down again,count timing while quickly put back the ahgogo & stick,pick up horn,stand up & horn up.ting ting ting mean playing the ahgogo wif the stick,play finish the ryhme then change to nxt position n repeat the ryhme again.i keep kneeing till my knee gt bleeding like tat + the sun so hot....then do finish the formation,mr lim nt happy ....scold,nag,scold,nag....he alway like tat one....then time to go home,fall out,find out tat i leg cramp,(jiao fa luan)walk until so wobbly.reach home liao faster shower,eat dinner,play comp,veri fan nao tmr nid go band,8am to 6pm tired,arggg

tired anime

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