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Thursday, January 31, 20087:28 AM
like too long nvr blog liao....lazy wake up at 6 sumtinx,slowly prepare then walk to sch.climb up to fifth floor again sia,reach classroom like so less ppl,weird???? then go hall for assembly,sae the china student going back liao...tat nt my business.after tat is science lesson,the small head wif big body cum into our class again.then she ask us to memorise all the symbol for element,hw can i rmb? i gt (jian wang zheng) leh,hw to expect.when being col to go write down on whiteboard,rmb but spell wrongly -_-lll then is AA lesson liao,going hear her nagging again.she today alot tinx wear red one LOL.then recess,eat liao go hall play ball wif ah ma.then go see lydia play piano then watch ah ma playing badminton wif momoko.then is history lesson sia,change back to seat wif idoit tan ah gay again.he today bring alot sweet cum to sch,siao one lor.then is math,mr teo teaching new chapter again.then is geo lesson.....the one look like england gal one turn out to be singaporean~india~ why why? gt geo class test today,abt pollution one but stuck at some Qn lah,dun noe will pass mah lor.then nid go hall to hear abt hw to handle finacial problem...sianx lah.i wan to sleep then notice miss ong is like looking at me sleeping,feel uncomfortable,scare she check my hair & nail sia.then peggy ask us to go help out on class decoration...dun feel like going cuz sumone is there mah.....then reach home liao veri fan nao abt the band when seeing tk & bowen band doing until so good,i wonder wsss can mah??? haix,tmr gt band but sat might din go coz gt sometinx at home,if mr chang dare to disqulifies me becoz of tat,i will hate & slap him.....Idoit!!!!!! WTF,alway nvr hear our reason then kick ppl out....juz hope everytinx is well tmr......bye bye...ღ


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