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Saturday, January 19, 20087:35 AM
=_=lll,today morning nt feeling well,leg veri pain & cramp,so afternoon then go band lor.reach there can eat liao wif the french horn member,take instrument & put bag arh.blah blah formation liao.the sun was realli veri hot sia,my face was like being burn like tat.march march march,over & over again....doing the run many round around the field sia,cuz nvr do properly,ppl keep moving,run abt 5 round mr lim mood nt veri good leh,keep angry lor.

saturday still nid go band...sianx leh...hope can get a gold or else all effort are gone.tat person keep scolding the sec 1 cuz they nt alert enough,wad lao,they new one,gif them sum more time lah.kang xun,bryan & ahzar keep saying tat,keep ask tat person go & run cuz she keep moving,tat wat mr lim sae b4.then tat person sae her leg pain,they sae leg pain still muz run lor,then keep laughing at tat person alway run so realli veri tired leh,sweat alot alot,veri thirsty & hot like hell.then suddenly raining when doing the formation,veri cooling & comfortable leh,but after tat mr lim ask us go dance studio gather.of cuz,we kana tio scolding from mr lim & mr chang lim sae he haf high fever still cum & stand wif us under the hot sun,we still cnnt do a good one for him...saying if we nt going to get ourself back & get prepared,might as well cancel off the competition.he even sae tat mr kumar & mr daniel can take over him then he nt nid to be so hard lor,i dun wan tat especially mr kumar,so sux!!!.i tinx mr lim so pitful leh,high fever still cum & teach,no wonder his face so red red one,cute cute de :P then is mr chang turn,lazy to hear him tok lah.when mr chang take attentance hor,alway keep wan pronounce my name,dunno still act noe,i wan mr lim take attentance more better.then put back instrument,fall out lor.then mr lim sae short of some ahgogo & the stick,sae muz own up,won punished u,or else all of us cnnt go except for percussionist.then in the end no one own up,mr lim no choice had to let us go lor.LOL.the reach home at abt leg was aching~~so pain...arggggg,i had enough of it


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