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Friday, January 11, 200812:31 AM realli veri fun at fiona aka ah ma keep nagging cuz kerencia keep disturbing her lo.ming aso go take ah ma bag when she nt looking,we go n put it beside the dustbin....we all keep laughing seeing ah ma aso the same,kerencia go take bryan umbrella to play again...haha.tat time is art lesson,ming go open the umbrella n put behind cuz we sit in the last row...veri funni sia,when cher nt looking,ming n kerencia quickly take the umbrella up n said"raining liao lor" the class was laughing accept for those eyes are blind...kidding la.of cuz i laugh until siao but veri scare art cher saw it,so i did nt dare to do anything.bryan was so fustrated tat he said he did nt wan to bring umbrella the last lesson,english,can play liao lor cuz tis cher so fierce one,can play one.kerencia n kerencia take up the umbrella n said veri hot leh.tat time we are chewing the chewing gum,when cher walk behind us,we quickly close n throw behind.ming laugh until she go n accintentally swallow the chewing gum,she keep drinking water scare sumting wrong or cnnt talk but in the end noting happen cuz lucky the chewing gum was veri small one.but then we keep playing the umbrella n decorate it wif the string....we then go make ah ma DNA wif crushing pencil lips n liquid.hahahahaha,when raise hand for the full mark for spelling,ming go n put up the umbrella,lucky cher nvr see or she tok we sia0 one,i laughing madly again.cher aso gif the whole class each one panda sweet,quite nice arh,make mi remind of mrs yip.finally it was time to go home lor.....we told ahma n lydia them abt the bryan umbrella in the class as mostly all fled home.then kerencia go take bryan umbrella to play again,all girls are laughing again.we saw yinzhi go n splash water on bryan face making him all wet,bryan was so angry tat he splash back the whole water back to yinzhi..oh my godness!!! upon seeing bryan angry,we quickly put back his umbrella cuz bryan siao one lor,abit shock shock one lah.:D but today skip band leh,tmr then go lor..anyway i won quit band,maybe

bruakakakpanda laughing

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