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Monday, January 14, 20083:19 AM
today wake up at 8.10am,veri late hor.cuz my hse veri near sch mah.walk to sch,climb until 5th floor,KAO!! so tired.nvr do history when mr chen ask for it :P,suddenly rmb where is the math hw,OMG,hope when packing nvr throw into rubbish bin or else cham liao.first lesson is the science,the pregnant lady wif a small head cum into our classroom again,begin her nagging all the way.nxt lesson is english,miss audrey ang wif a shiny red pin on her head shakes her body into our classroom.tat time hope she nt going to tok abt her operation again,so sianx cuz tat none of my business ok!! she ask us take out our distinction n read the passage on the shout one bois to go stand behind classroom,afterward sum bois aso tio audrey ang aso will gt angry leh.LOL.then begin to hear her lame nagging till recess.after recess is mother tongue,the chinese cher veri wat lor....mi,ming n kerencia using the liquid to fry egg,fry arh fry,so lame lor =_=lll later dunno who gt pass one paper to us,gt write junkai is neurd king n sum other word tat are insulting,later cher saw it then veri angry,keep asking who is the one,then others begin to sae u lah! u write one rite!bryan ur paper leh!Leon u are the one rite!wow,the whole class sceaming here n there.then cher ask us to stay back after sch,so kao lor.then go for D&T class,doing drawing & design n cutting.then went back to class for tat idoit chinese cher.blah..blah...blah(lazy to type) then go plaza library to read doraemon comic wif ming,ming read the mr midnight.then afterward meet primary sch frenz,kahdijah n Amiral,tok tok tok,then i went buy sum sweet n go home lor.sianz arh!!!!


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