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Thursday, January 24, 20083:37 AM
today wake up at abt 6.55 like tat,so late sia......but my hse veri near sch mah XD.then slowly prepare,i wear the bigger uniform cuz my old uniform haven dry yet.then abt 7.12 walk to sch.climb up to 5th floor...veri hard to breathe.then first period is MT lesson,see tat flirting cher again =_=lll ask us do the ws then hand in.after tat she din teach,toking wif the & ming playing wif the bluetag.we use the bluetag to make earring & stick on our lame but veri funni.ya!!! nxt lesson no nid see tat cher again coz she a relief cher.nxt lesson is literature,the skinny cher nvr cum again,i tok mr muhammad will come take over but lucky cher cum,whole class was in a chaos,ppl throwing tinx,laughing.then tat junkai do wat chairman one,stand behind & writing down ppl name tat are nosiy,go & look for cher,keren,ming,tan ah gay (bryan) keep nagging at him,so nerd sia....he go liao but he go told DM,watlao leh,veri idoit leh,told him go col cher he go col DM for wat the hell....but then recess time we all go liao,heck care watever tinx.then is D&T,quite lie veri funni.then is math.....aso nvr cum....we so happy sia.ming & me keep playing wif the bluetag.then make fun of ah ma...damien pretenting to be the kaijia(chen yi shen)the huang jin ru lah.putting one the mask & shaking ppl,intro tat he is docter chen =_=lll ah ma,peggy,lydia,tan ah gay,lee botak(junwei) was doing class decorate at the back of classroom.then mr teo cum when going to nxt lesson,he sae he see wrong timetable.LOL.then is science,the small head wif big body nvr cum :D then tat time me,ming,keren keep throwing tinx on the floor,alot of rubbish at our there.the nerd junkai was sweeping the floor,cleaning out rubbish under our table.after a few minutes,he cum & sae "ur can stop producing rubbish anot" coz it was oredi 3 or 4 time he sweep again liao.then tat idoit lee botak tel nerd junkai i go write his bad tinx on my ruler,he so angry tat he din even look n go throw my ruler away.LOL.we all keep laughing n laughing.hahaha.then i sae i nvr lah.....then is CD period liao,mr chen cum in.aso playing again,disturbing ah ma,me,ming,keren alway slack & nvr help out for the decoration.after tat,mr chen go & change our seat lor,watlao leh..... i remain at my own seat while keren sit infront,ming veri far away from us.eric sit beside mi then in the end tan ah gay go & sit beside mi lor,kaobeii one lah.tat gay so niang,so ugly like looking at a ru hua,aso veri irritating,keep ask mi gt go band tmr....... i nt going to sit wif angry,tat idoit mr chen.........but today alot cher nvr happy.then mi,ming,keren go to plaza library to borrow comic then go home liao.a wondeful day but quite angry day....haix -_-lll


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