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Monday, January 21, 20086:09 AM
today wake up at abt 8.15,slowly prepare all the tinx,abt 8.30 walk to sch lor.climb up to 5th floor =_=lll my leg ach whenever take a step up,veri pain sia.the first lesson is the MT,see tat idoit bastard cher again.then class veri noisy,bois din cooperate dun wan read textbk properly,alot of us playing.then cher veri angry,sae alot of nagging tinx,sae she a relief cher tat y we din respect her.i feel she damm kaobeii one first i dun noe she a relief cher,since like tat i dun respect her more:P nxt lesson is math,ya!!! cher nvr cum today leh,a blur blur relief cher cum take over.ming sae tat cher look like you gui zhai.LOL.then he let us off to recess at 10.45 cuz he tok it was tat time,actually is recess eat liao,go library disturb ah ma them.then is literature lesson,tat cher nvr cum,mr muhammad cum take over.he keep repeating the same tinx,forcing us to sae sumtinx...veri scary.blah...blah...blah.nxt lesson is science!!! small head wif big body cum shaking into our class again.then draw there draw there,like teaching us draw angle like tat.gif out the science file tel us file the puzzle paper inside,i nvr bring =_=lll frighten mi out of my life.lucky notinx happen :D the EL lesson cum liao,AA today nvr put the red pin on her head....tok tok tok,alot talking,laughing,AA nt veri happy liao.suddenly her voice so loud & rough,then back to gentle sof voice again...wat the hell lah!!! all of us heck care her,doing tinx we likessss....when reach 2.10pm,AA dun let us go,sae wan report to DM abt 2G bad behaviour,nt respecting cher...WTF !!! sae if nxt time continue like tat,col of us parent sae hw bad we are..=_=lll i found tat AA is actually a idoit,so nvr care her lor,she let us go at 2.30pm sia.then i go col my mum sae going to mdm hu after tat,beg us to help her doing the new yr tinx.we all see her so ke lian help her lor,help till going to 3.30 sia.then she treat us longan drink,total cost $5 xD haha..then wif ming,keren & yiling go wait for bus,saw miss narimah waiting for taxi,can sit wif her to plaza one,then the bus cum.....reach liao i go return the books,buy sushi.keren & yiling going to ming hse,i go buy my own tinx then go home lor.reach home liao faster shower coz it was damm hot!!! tmr aso veri sianx sia,gt pe & band leg still veri pain....arggggg

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