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Wednesday, January 2, 20086:40 AM was already 2008 is the first day of sch leh,so mani sec 1 cuming in.our classroom from 2nd floor change until to 5th floor,kao one lor,veri tired leh.but today din realli get to see our class subject cher cuz 10am i had to leave for band practice liao....until to 5 sia,the chinese dance practicing wif us.i wonder hw mani sec 1 is cuming to join band,they gonna had the shock of realli veri tired.march until leg cramp,doing formation over & over again,blowing music until siao.

argggggggggggg~i cnnt tahan anymore liao,torture......better get a gold for SYF or else i will went mad.din even had time to play in class,my classmates look enjoy leh,like n0 cher teaching like tat.......i wonder tis yr MP4 was being choose to wat lesson,saxophone or guzhen.but hope class din haf any homework lor.....tis yr nt realli lucky leh...kk,write until here.BB.see ya


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