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Tuesday, February 12, 20085:01 AM
.....too long nvr update blog wake up at 6.55,then slowly prepare lor,reach sch liao climb up to 5th floor to classroom,damn tired sia.then went for assembly,forget to bring thermometer,alot of us din bring especially the bois.then the cher sae those who nvr bring go to peradesquare,ming,peggy,xitong,yihua nvr bring + alot of bois.then alot of other class & level aso nvr.then cher nag nag nag,damn irritating.they prepare the thermometer,the one put in ear by one go & use the same one!!!but gt clean one lah.becoz too muz ppl liao,we all slack & wait until 9am then we all check finish le,so happy when we can skip the boring literature lesson.go back to class to change PE attire for the PE lesson.after that is recess,eat le go hall find ah ma hide & seek in funni place,ah ma hiding place veri gd & lydia go to a room & lock the door.wait....wait...then hear peggy sound sae she noe we inside & keep banging the door.a while le then me & lydia quickly run out & run upstair to the AVA room,but still being caught by peggy.then is MT lesson,our cher nvr cum & tat flirting relief cher cum take over.we do finish the ws liao quickly study for the math class test since there is 2 period MT.tat cher aso nvr teach de leh,toking to bois de lor.then CD period,suddenly found my lost history ws in my file =_=lll,do liao hand in to mr chen lor,then our last yr form cher(mrs selva) come in to see us,dun noe where mr chen gone??? we all veri happy to see mrs selva.....XD.....we help us with the class sitting arrangement.then sch over liao gt cca(band) start at 3pm so i go home put bag first as my hse veri near sch.then on the way saw penguin & yu ren sitting at the bench beggar like tat.LOL.then they go follow me home..siao one....then reach my hse outside shouting here & there..damn WTF...but i heck care them,rest for a while then go back to sch.wait for tat idoit bryan to eat finish his wanton mee,then go take instrument & fall in.we then doing basic drill.....damn hot & tired.then mr lim wan us horn up & stay there for 4min.....T_T whoever move or horn below 90degree + 1 more muscle veri pain & cnnt hold it anymore,i was trembling over my whole body,keep marching & about turn,my leg oredi becum jelly sia.then practise song,don noe wat mr kumar was doing n toking when formation.then go keep instrument & fall out,so happy can go home.but longan drink on the way back,find tat all road light are on,feel like oredi 7pm le.when gt home is 7.06pm,so late sia!!!!! then go buy dinner for me,bro & father.bro & father go uncle hse help out sometinx,so i alone at home playing online games & blogging is a veri tired day.....
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