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Thursday, February 14, 20087:50 AM
today at hall veri fun & ming was eating on the way to the hall.when reach there,ah ma them was already playing hide & seek,peggy is the catcher.then we walk to the cupboard there,peggy aso walk there open the cupboard.!!!!! we saw ah ma squeeze into the was realli damn funni & cute,her hiding place was special.then keren come liao.we then play a games col curtain finding,there are total of 9 curtain in the hall.then the catcher has to choose a person to be founder & guess where she was hiding in which curtain.if tat person is being find by the catcher,tat person will be wrapped up & being bash.if the catcher nvr guess correctly,she will be the one being bash up.then keren is the catcher.she want to find bryan.i tat time donno which curtain to hide,then run to the furthest one saw diyana hiding too,i join in.then a while someone go open up the bryan!!! i kick him out but keep squeeze in & beg me.not being used to a ru hua,i went out & change place.i then saw a curtain veri big like gt alot ppl inside.i open up & saw ming,lydia & ah ma,they actually go combine the 2 curtain together.i was laughing madly(dunno why?)feel veri funni sia.the lydia keep asking me to quickly hide with them but i keep laughing.but in the end keren catch bryan sia,bryan was running for his afternoon assembly,miss ong keep catching ppl with long fingernail & hair...but ah ma was caught for sleeping sch end we all go plaza return books.we saw our geo cher & relief chinese cher at the LRT station.first train was crowded with too mani ppl,cnnt squeeze in le.we then wait for another train to come.then we all squeeze into it,i stand behind lydia & keren,ah ma stand infront of keren,ming stand infront of ah ma.then too crowded i notinx to hold had to hold onto keren & lydia bag.then when the train go downwards we all nearly fall down sia,but lydia fall & go sit on a person leg,lol,we all keep laughing but lucky keren pull her up again.ah ma & keren keep pushing each other causing me to nearly fall down again.then i saw ah ma bag keep banging to reach plaza le return book & borrow book again,i find my fav comic again.XD

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