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Friday, February 22, 20087:29 AM
Today is the literature test,i lucky gt memorise some passage sia.but gt one question totally don noe coz nvr expect them to go gif tis question.then after the test is the IT lesson,ah ma do the game until so slow de....then go for recess.after recess is art lesson,we then go over to art room & wait for cher to come lor.then we go to the back of balcony near to art room there play.then kerencia sae she wanted to demo hw peggy last time pull ah ma hair.then i go pretend to be ah ma running away,kerencia be peggy.then when i was running to the end,look behind to tok to kerencia.Then suddenly !!!!! don noe why????? find tat i had trip over a stupid tinx & fall down.when i get,my hand & knee were damn pain sia.then my knee was bleeding & it was so painful.i was crying like hell !!!! then everyone was gather outside art room le.i was so paiseh to go infront as i was crying.i forgot who go tell cher tat i had fall down.the cher ask kerencia to take me go to toilet clean wound first.then went back to art room to join our class.then take plaster from Siti & Momoko.then was english lesson,AA gt come sia.then sch end le at 12.25,actually wan to go plaza return book de.then ah ma sae company lydia to eat lunch then go to LRT.the don noe why..lydia cca from 2 to 3 sometinx,we waiting for lydia cca finish.then me,ah ma,kerencia,ming was veri bore & play heat attack,ah ma was doing alot of funni action & saying alot of funni tinx.LOL,tat time was realli damn funni.ah ma & momko singing lor song sia,damn nosiy,LOL.then was veri hot,go canteen drink & chat.then mr chen ask us sometinx regarding (B) kerencia was angry.hw can mr chen sae we bully tat (B) without no evidence sia,anyhw listen to tat (B) ,everytinx muz haf evidence from the sourcebased question like history mah.then we were dicussing abt hw tat (B) noe abt.(B) could nt haf known & someone sure betray us de.WE were figuring out who is the person.the ah ma sae can use coin to throw & decide the truth,i don tinx it can work.then i go plaza library return book,borrow other doraemon comics again.....



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