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Wednesday, February 13, 20085:54 AM
yo hoo!!! today is veri funni usual i climb up to 5th floor again,forget to bring thermometer again,veri scrae but notinx happen.after assembly is MP4 lesson(speech & drama)tat wat i hate was quite funni but damn funni.then is the science lesson,class is in gd behaviour,nt used to it leh.recess eat le go hall find ah ma them.nvr play hide & seek today,playing punishment if whoever ( o ya bei ya song) lose lor.yiling lose .....ah ma & peggy run after her,wrap her in the big big curtain on the stage(ur should understand wtf i toking abt) then beat & kick yiling....LOL...veri funni to see a person inside there screaming.nxt is peggy lose!!!! HAHA.....being wrap in the curtain while ming join in too(coz we nvr play juz watch XD) i was laughing like siao....then someone go kick her leg & she knee on the floor..hahahaha....blah blah blah...reach ah ma turn to lose..LOL...i was watching gd show de neh...being pull by yiling & peggy into the curtain & wrap up...hahaha...then she knee down on the floor...i hold up the curtain & saw ah ma face veri near to me..her face damn funni(don noe why?)her hair so messy like siaozhabor & feel like being chase by ah long like tat..LOL.then is art,go classroom take artwork & got to art room.veri happy to see mrs selva teach us de nt tat miss narimah sia.but nid change siting arrangement :( lucky sit wif siti,jarrod & khairul,quite peaceful though bois are noisy.after that is AA lesson,doing english correction & listen to AA toking abt journal veri well written.then is ACE,today is mr Seet come tok...but veri sianx leh.math lesson mr teo nvr come,veri happy,a relief cher come,cnnt be noisy coz he might punish(WTF)i veri sianx,do math hw first,the fa dai lor till sch end.ming & keren go plaza while i din feel like going,go home lor.shower liao feel veri sleepy,go sleep sleep at 5pm coz watch show,sleep till 9 sumtinx then eat bro frenz come my hse play mahjong,damn f*** & noisy.BB,nxt time then continue update lor.

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