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Friday, April 18, 20089:41 AM
band SYF finish le
last sat !!!!
we get silver sia
i tok we will get gold de
nvr xpect to get silver
when hear the result
i was like gonna to cry
especially when go to our
school infront there
& blow our song
then i was like
buay tahan liao
i juz keep crying
cnnt control myself
then walk to the area there
alot ppl crying like hell
i sure mr lim was veri sad
he told us nt to cry
in 2 yr time
we will be back !!!
today was at usual
go to classroom
then a while kerencia,fiona
momoko they all come
xcept for ming....
then bryan suddenly ki siao
he go throw the tables
& chair on the floor
so scary sia....
then peng hwee,yu ren
jordan go beat him up
tat bryan go bite yu ren
i was like OMG !!!!!
bryan was indeed mad sia
then syafiqah come,ming come,lydia come
aiya,they 3 miss the gd show sia
then when chinese lesson
mr chen come to find
bryan,peng hwee,yu ren
tok tok tok,don noe tok wat?
today deng nvr come
a china cher take over
keep sae si ren xie gei shi ren
WTF she toking
her chinese too chim le
then after school
all go lot 1 with jordan them
to celebrate pok mee pok bd
i cnnt go coz of band need to
welcome VIP....
so boring oni like tat nia
then go eat buffet
the fried rice nice sia
then go home lor
veri sianx lor
like tat lor
nxt time then update

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