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Wednesday, April 30, 20088:53 AM
so damn hot sia
global warming so serious meh?
today gt 1 period D&T
then change to our
new lesson F&N
for another 1 period
tat time use 50 min
to chiong for our project
at D&T there sia
lucky gt Damien help us do
at F&N aso sianx lor
nvr do cooking de nia
& cnnt choose our own
partner when pratical
i jackport yin zhi sia =,=
then gt MP4 lesson
is music technology
abit sianx lahx
but saw mr lim at there
after recess is history
saying out our result grades
but marks are nt sure
i kana get B4 !!! PASS!!!
then is ACE.......
give us see a touching movie
gonna to cry but hold on to it
the peng hwee keep sae tat
little girl in the movie
is me sia......
the Leon & Damien
aso keep disturb mi
peng hwee then keep
kicking my chair
then is math lesson
when mr teoh choose number
kana jackport me sia
do the Qn damn scare
sch end liao hor
go lot 1 shop shop
fiona keep videoing us
gt go mac makan
then gt saw ambulance
the ppl gt take the chair
then we kaypo go follow
see wat happening
the Gold Heart jewerlly
gt worker faint arh
tat time tok tat the
customer saw the price
too shoik then
then gt 1 security guard
keep ask us to stand aside
shop for a while more
then go home liao
at 8pm my bro frenz
come my hse play mahjong
till to 12am sia
my bro still haven
eat his dinner yet
veri wat piang leh
no matter bath hw mani time
still really veri hot lor
later muz on aircon slp
happy day

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