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Tuesday, April 29, 20082:47 AM
today damn sianz !!!!
gt science test de neh
stuck at some stupid question
quite difficult lor the paper
then mr neal come in
walking around.....
i ask him some question
he explain to me
till sae out the ans
time for PE !!!!
alot of us change to
class tee xcept for ming
then go gym
then is lit lesson
saw tat hao lian cher again
we sae her chinese sux!!!!
she sae our eng nt as gd as her
there she hao lian again
her face make mi puke !!!
recently we are make to
stay back for recess
today is the same....
2G so shoik.....
can make so mani cher
don wan to teach us
when sch end.....
we then go library
sch de lahx
searching book for
MT book review
then i saw one book
read liao so interested in it
too engrossed in reading
then keep hearing tat library
granny scolding sum ppl
she damn noisy sia.......
then go home liao lor
haiz...tmr another boring day
happy day

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