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Wednesday, April 23, 20084:56 AM
today gt geo test
it was really damn difficult
the question hor......
totally don noe WTF toking abt
alot ppl aso don noe hw to do
geo going to fail again
history better sia
history lesson today quite fun
like cd period sia
mr chen tok abt his ghost stories
nt scary but interesting
lydia halfway through ACE
go for cross country competiton
after sch,me,kerencia,ming,syafiqah,fiona
go to plaza walk walk
we go to the library first
then go MAC eat lor
then go popular see books
wif fiona there with us
really damn fun sia
then take LRT with fiona n syafiqah
go home liao read comic
then fiona go col mi
tok tok tok
then i online msn
toking to her again
& nw updating blog
see ya,love wsss family
bb !!! nxt time update

really wanting to cry

going to change instructor

i don wan mr lim to go

he a gd instructor

y muz change leh

band nid him !!!!

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