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Sunday, April 20, 20083:11 AM
ytd went for BBQ
i at abt 6 sumtinx reach
when i reach there
at the bbq pit there
saw alot ppl screaming
& running there
i don noe WTF had happen
then suddenly valeriee
come touch my hand
gt charcoal mark on my hand
=_=lll she make me 2 time
then i aso take charcoal
making everyone black
later we gt play catching
wif kerencia,bryan & some other ppl
we take lift to 5th floor
it was damn dark & scary
then go down to have
charcoal war again
then abt 9 sumtinx
they ask us to clean up the area
then suddenly nid to gather
mr chang sae gt 3 ppl lose money
sae tis bbq session make us a theif
even sae mr lim nvr teach us gd
WTF,it none of mr lim business rite?
then mr chang keep screaming
scolding at the top of his lung
SIAO ARH !!! like my problem like tat
he even sae it was wrong of him to
oraganise tis bbq session,it make
us a theif instead .....
like veri sure one of us steal one
gt proof take out see lah
KNN !!! moron cher
tat 3 ppl maybe careless mah
all of our mood was ruined
by tis moron cher !!!!
mr chang veri wat leh
anyhw sae we steal money
maybe he is the one who steal arh !!!!
ok lahx...write to here
update nxt time....
shut up.

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