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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Friday, May 9, 20085:23 AM
today damn sianx
seeing mr teoh
so mani time
coz of math lesson
eng lesson veri funni
fiona telling story
tat was damn funni
qifang & peggy
was acting lor
realli funni sia
after recess is IPW
the most sux lesson ever
keep bully by ziqiang....
the sch end liao
saw miss lam
keep following her
her car was damn
old-fashion lor
she sae is her father car
lydia go press sometinx
the car automatic drive
fighten us all sia
lucky miss lam stop it
then saw mr neal
follow him again
his car was muz
more better than miss lam
then lydia n ming g0 cca
wait for they 2
after tat they sae wan go
yew tee play basketball
too far liao for me
ming,kerencia,me nvr go
so we 3 all go home lor
tmr can slp till
late late le =D
i fall in love wif death note especially light !!!
Light damn handsome right?

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