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Saturday, May 24, 20087:09 AM
ytd come back frm malacca trip
abit fun but tired lahx
Day 1
at 10 am sumtinx reach zenxin organic farm
it was damn boring & hot
the lunch was veri walau
files flying around
eat halfway don wan le
then continue our journey
at abt 4 sumtinx reach the hotel
at nearly 6pm take the room key
check into our room
meet kerencia them first
together went to 7level
the boys still haven check in
aft tat take bus g0 eat dinner
the dinner is quite ok
g0 7-11 buy snack for nite party
go back hotel liao bath
then go kerencia room
to haf a pillow fight
fiona was damn funni !!!!
we video the whole process
but we being complain by others
the police & miss liew gif us first warning
then me & ming went back to slp
Day 2
wake up liao go wait for kerencia them
g0 7 level eat breakfast buffet
then proceed to amazing race
veri tired & sianx lor
we din ever do finish sia
but alot of nice scenery
aft tat go eat lunch
lunch was quite nice
then went on to orphanage
to visit all those orphan
they welcome us veri much
the kids are friendly & cute
we play catching wif them
b4 we leave we went see their room
they even dance wif us???????
then go back to hotel
shower first
go 7 level again
wait for bus to go dinner
the dinner was sux....
not nice de
we complain to mr chen
at 10pm he order pizza for us
go 7-11 buy drink for us
then we g0 boys room for nite party
damn scare miss rani come check
the room is connect to peng hwee room
the boys keep sae miss rani come
actually they trick us
we gal escape to peng hwee room
then we went back to our own room
quite fast fall asleep
Day 3
wake up at abt 7am
gonna to be late
went to washroom
quickly pack lor
then mrs chan come check us
go 7 level to eat breakfast
wait quite long for the bus
then our journey to singapore
at 4sumtinx reach sch liao
so damn fast......
~the end~

our backview at malacca river

ming n me

me n ming

mr chen carry the kids

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