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Monday, June 23, 20085:16 AM
boring sch days start today
veri sianx leh
our new form cher is miss michelle
WTH!!! i don realli lyk her
cant she juz haf some fun wif us
she teach us lit & history!!!
math cher is no longer mr teoh!!
YEAH !!! is miss siti....
but muz see if she is gd anot???
EL aso gt new cher,is miss xie...
but she look quite a nice person
too long nvr go back to sch liao
abit nt used to it arh.......
but today quite alot fun at class
kerencia keep speaking japanese & malay
& her action was realli damn funni
it was since sometime i laugh so muz =,=
& aso a long time nvr seen fiona!!!
i realise she had cut her hair!!!
Miracle rite??? i bet she every 6 month cut 1 time
LOL........she having fringe but centre parking???
but veri sianx nid to study again....
can holiday be endless mah??????
Hope the following day will be better...
without mr chen....
SEE nxt time...
dong vs xiu

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