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Friday, July 18, 20084:39 AM

abt wat happening ytd
ytd is mr chen farewell party
he is leaving for NIE
and will be back in 2 year
there are muffin,cakes,pizza
& alot of other drink
miss anisah give us $50
to buy 50 nutri soy
at first when we tell the auntie
the auntie tok we are joking nia
abt wat happening today
first there is spontaneous writing
since every fri no assembly
then is the math lesson
damn boring lahx !!!
nxt is science lesson
fiona & bryan keep fighting
very funni lor they 2
& the stupid peng hwee
sit behind me keep pull my hair
make me to retie agains sia
& tat ck keep sae band
will blow funeral song 1 day =,=
nxt is lit lesson lor
miss chang keep scolding us
for being too...noisy le
aft tat went for recess
fiona keep asking for opinion
if she should eat the"pai ku mian"anot
hahaha,she naggy arh!!!
then is art period liao
me,kerencia,ming,qifang & yihua
sit together & chat
qifang keep sae alot of funni tinx
& funni action,i laugh untill cry!!!
then we go to IT lab 3
to go do the "reflection camp trip"
miss anisah manage to book for us de =D
then had to go band with bryan
FH today oni had 3 ppl sia
veri walao lor,so less ppl
anyway i wan to quit band leh
but i wan to remain my SYF point
wat should i do??????????
tmr is a relaxing day neh
can slp till late late
kk.see ya

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