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Monday, July 14, 20086:21 AM

=D today happy day...
first period is math wor
but miss anisah nvr cum leh
miss chang come take over =D
the period is free for us de neh
today finally try the"i love singapura"sweet
i take frm the"guai lan"guy one
alot ppl sae it was damn spicy
but it was realli spicy
lyk eating red chillies...
& the taste was no gud =,=
when miss chang leave the class
& miss xie was abt to cum in
taka & ziqiang suddenly fight!!!
i cant explain why?????????
anyway eng lesson is boring
nxt is IT lesson le
quite fast do finish the code
then keep spam blog or watever
we stay in classroom for recess time
then is MT lesson....
hear mdm tang tok here tok there
hmmm,science lesson is irritating enough
my pencil box was taken by someone
dun noe pass until to where
alot refuse to tel me neh
i was realli quite mad tat time
but in the end i found it....
later on go one to plaza wif
me & kerencia eat at subway
ming,yiling,shunhui eat long john silver
later on go toilet take pic =,=
go library return n borrow book
took alot of pic aso lahx
we are lyk quite sort of crazyness
then buy dinner for my mum....
on thursday gt farewell party for mr chen
but i tinx i cant go coz gt sometinx on
kk,see ya

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