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Tuesday, July 29, 20088:56 AM

haiz today so mani tinx happen
today first period is science
then when mdm sharena is leaving
the class hor,she suddenly cum
back & scold us????
walao lyk veri wat lor when she scold
we show no respect!!!we nt quiet!!!
we are veri noisy!!!
we veri quiet through ur lesson lor
then ltr miss chang cum to our class
mdm sharena complain to miss chang abt us
well we of coz kana scold lahx
aft geo is math lorrr
miss anisah sae out our class test mark
i nvr tok i would pass my math leh
miracle rite?i even get a sweet neh
aft recess is lit,writing poem....
miss chang was veri angry
the whole class sank into silence
no one dare to tok much
CD period miss chang left us
oni miss anisah cum lahx
miss chang realli veri angry
well we keep complaining to
miss anisah tat we are innocent
mdm sharena scold us lyk we
are realli no use lor
miss anisah was willing to listen to us
then she gt aso sae ghost story
hmmm quite scary lahx.....
then is EL lesson
the whole class is in chaos
so noisy lor tat i cant realli
hear wat miss xie is saying
then i so concentrate on
doing my correction lor
i nvr notice miss xie had left the class
till i hear someone sae it
then suddenly mrs liau cum in
tat time we are realli wan dan le
we are being scolded...
sae we bully new teacher
sae we chase lots of cher out
then miss xie cum in,we all sae sorry.....
miss xie was crying lor...
can see de frm hearing her voice
haiz...miss chang tat time was
realli volcanic erupt liao
then we are gather outside staff room
listening to the lecture miss chang gif
miss chang sae don wan to be our FT liao
miss anisah sae she will aso leave
T_T NO!!!! i don wan lahx
but then miss chang gt calm down abit
today 2G so unlucky lor...
scold by abt 5 cher lyk tat
miss chang,mdm sharena,mrs liau,miss xie,mdm lee
miss xie is the fourth cher tat cry cause by us
let me announce the four cher
1st~Mdm HU
2nd~Miss Dawina
3rd~Mdm Tang
4th~Miss Xie
i tinx we realli"wu ke jiu yao"
no cure for us liao
but the culprit is alway the few ones
we are totally nt useless lor,too active le
so stress,y tis yr so stress????
ARGGG..tis thurday gt oral exam...
i haf to get more practice le
kk,see ya....

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