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♥I love HIM♥ !
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Monday, July 28, 20087:12 AM

hmmm,today wake up quite late
but ming & kerencia haven even reach lor
they gone to eat mac sia
aft assembly is math
juz doing nothing lor
then is EL lesson
hmmm,i lose so much mark
by nt doing one page!!!
then is IT lorrrr
nid to do survey neh
n tat stupid game tinx finally done
looking at other ppl blog tat time
aft recess is MT....
tok abt wat sun wu kong lahx
where is the xi tian lahx???
but veri funni lorrrr
we keep toking CRAPS!!!
then is science lahx
mdm sharena????
i don noe wat to sae
then finally sch over =D
went plaza to eat mac
i order one cheese burger,
apple pie & xtra small sprite
i eat "APPLE PIE"
the filling was damn hot
then kerencia nid to go home
me,qifang n ming go library
i found lots of comic =)
aft tat qifang sae wan go fairprice
then we saw pamper XL one
sae wan buy for kerencia
the turn around saw a guy looking at me
i find tis guy veri familar lor
then realised he was DM neh
he sae we veri worst go buy pamper
then went out the fairprice
saw mdm sharena leh!!!
wif her husband hold hand
tian tian mi mi de walk together
then aft tat we all go home lor

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