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Tuesday, July 15, 20087:54 AM

today go to sch as usual
climb to 5th level is tiring!!!
first lesson is science
we went to the science lab
to do some experience on sound???
but quite fun & funni ^^
aft tat me & kerencia quickly chiong
to locker to get geo book
mdm lee had already reach but lucky
we nvr tio scolded sia
geo lesson aso boring lahx
nxt lesson is math !!!!
well i hate it the most
alot question dunno hw to do
then is recess time
kerencia sae she wan go dentist
there to " ba ya "
i was at there waiting to see
hw kerencia will react de lor
but the dentist sae tis muz
wait for itself to drop out =,=
then then is lit period.....
miss chang keep shout here shout there
CD period is the most fun de
we all take class pic for mr chen
but take damn long time lor
cos the bois was nt cooperative
miss chang was realli angry arh
by the way today can go home
early at 1.15pm,i dunno why???
anyway i happy can liao =D
tmr gt band arh,sianx!!!!
kk,see ya =P

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