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Thursday, July 10, 20087:07 AM

wow wow wow
today form & co-form cher nvr cum
mr chen come to take over =D
he ask us to take our temperature
then one by one come check us
miss anisah today nvr cum,no math!!!
the whole period was spent toking away
we are toking abt some lame tinx
if ur "someone" or "someone" drop
into the sea at same time,who will u save first???
Well we get lots of no ans or being col "Siao"
MT lesson was going to fall alsleep....
PE lesson was running up & down,damn tired
we even had to run pass the canteen
so paiseh lor,lots of eyes was staring at us
then it was recess time lor
the nxt lesson is science...
EL lesson miss xie nvr cum wor
mrs selva cum take over
& we are playing wif Bryan "Banana"
the yellow tinx attach to his bag
aft tat is assembly
the people frm new york cum here to perform
the dancing was realli nice sia
the miss ong do the dance damn funni.LOL.
today 2G can go so early cause we first to reach the hall
aft tat fiona,lydia,sya come to my hse
to get the chicken wing tat they put at my hse
then then lyk tat lor...
nxt tym post

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