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Friday, August 8, 20087:28 AM
today early in the morning
5.30 had to wake up neh
for the stupid rehearsel
of band performance at sch
to celebrate the national day
so damn sleepy lahx!!!
but veri fast 7.25 liao
then perform finish...
go change & look for kerencia them
we are having a learning journey
all of us hope to sit on the Hippo bus
but we end up in the Rihno bus lor
ms chang was so realli gud lor
she treat the whole class of 43 ppl Mac leh
she was realli so gud!!!
but the learning journey was boring
we spent our time on the bus oni
mayb becoz i feel tired plus the class was noisy
aft going back to sch,ms chang go jelapang
court to play basketball wif us
but the 2F guy all so xtra lor
if nt we gal had already play neh
then we sit at there "fa dai"lor
then qifang sae wan go play mahjong
at her bro n his wife hse to play
gt me,yiling,kerencia,qifang
then we take taxi to segar there
aft reaching there,we went into the hse
qifang go prepare the table n tile
then we begin to play lor
we was lyk keep toking n laughing
i nvr go notice wat tile come out
n i keep miss alot of tile lor
yiling win so mani time neh
i oni win 2 time sia,so fun lor
aft tat sianx liao we all wan go playground play
but then qifang wan play wif her nephew
we all looking at the baby drinking milk,so cute!!!
qifang nephew is col Xu xing Rui,is a boy hor!!!
then aft tat we went to play swing,video around
then we go ma ma shop buy something eat
go to farjar mac buy apple pie then take LRT home
i reach home at around 6pm lyk tat
so tired lahx but veri fun
kk,tmr then i post pic

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