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Sunday, August 31, 20087:13 AM

ytd went to East Coast was so fun lor
at abt 9 sumtinx meet xitong
then went to lot 1 wait for other
aft tat Leon sae go to woodland take 966
then find out tat petir can take lor
we stand on the bus was almost 1 hrs bah
all the way to marine parade but halfway gt sit
ohya,yiling accidentally knock onto
shaohui tat "place" on the bus
can see tat shaohui was in pain arh
then reach marine there dunno where to stop
so we all anyhw went down lor
then dunno y go n take 135 bus
gt one uncle ask if we first time
went to East Coast and take us along the route
we then follow the uncle....
n calling mr chen for the route
we find the underpass n walk through
wow!!! finally reach East Coast,we damn happy ok?
actually wan rent bike first de,but all hungry
so went to mac to eat lor...
then mr chen n ms lam cum liao
rent the bike first...but i dunno hw to ride
So PS lor,i the oni one
ms lam,kerencia,xitong,yiling,jordan was helping mi
but so difficult leh,ms lam ask wan 2 person anot
of coz i sae yes lahx,can relax leh..=P
but so fun lor cycle wif ms lam
gt happen alot of funni tinx...
aft tat tired liao,all of us butt veri pain
return the bicycle n went to play the beach
xitong n yiling was lyk bathing in the sea
kerenica n bryan keep throwing sand around
we were splashing water around...
making ourselves so wet
xitong was realli "zao gen"liao
LOL,play until lyk evening sia
then we all wan go bath
bryan sae walk n follow him..
walk till lyk 20 minutes no toilet
then ask around finally gt one
i oni wash my hair in the basin...LoL
yiling n kerencia was helping me
then i went to change my clothes
but we all so lazy to walk bak lor
so tired liao,xitong then col the bois
to go rent bicycle cum fetch us
then jordan,leon,yinzhin cum sia
jordan take xitong first,leon take bryan
kerencia sae wan walk bak,but i was so tired liao
then bryan n jordan cycle bak...
then i sit on jordan bike....
he was realli damn fast lor
i cnnt even follow his pace!!!
can feel the wind n sound lor
but was so exciting cooling
then we tok ms chang was cuming
in the end nvr cum,make us wait so long
abt 8pm we went mac to eat..
eat liao go play arcade....
the bois buy so much token
we have to help them play finish
then the time was lyk 9 sumtinx
i keep hurry kerencia them to go home
abt 10pm we take bus to marine there
then hear yinzhi sae tat bus gt tat "tinx"
we are so scare sia..all dun dare walk alone
then finally reach BP liao
take Lrt wif shaohui coz he in same area wif mi
Well...i ask him company wif mi home
he sae ok one hor...but at least better
rather than i walk alone...11sumtinx liao leh
reach home take a hot bath...
drink a cup of milk
then veri fast fall asleep lor

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