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Thursday, March 5, 20096:10 AM

CT1 had just ended ytd
i don noe wat happen to me
i was like keep failing alot of subject
i fail humanities,eng
math,poa and FN sure fail
Eng cnnt blame me
i take'O'level paper leh
it new and difficult
i will try harder for CT2
lucky my bio pass...
but i hope physic pass too
if nt i sure die
fail like 5 to 6 subject leh
i most happy is chinese
most best result i love it!
no matter wat....
really very stress leh
today was quite fun at sch
at POA lesson tat mrs Toh nvr come
then mr suki come in and talk alot
ENG lesson seems slacky
at bio lesson hor
xitong was drawing roses on
me and fiona hand
the rose is damn nice & bright
look like tatoo sia
a pity is tat Wq and Damien nvr come lor
when at piano lesson
my cher saw my hand and say
"u very free do these kind of thing hor"
i was like "wat"????
i so desperate to go watch movie
especially tat show"detective Galileo"
it nice ok i watch b4 this show series
sianx lahx tmr gt band prac
feel like quitting...
i sick of band sia

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