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Friday, April 3, 20095:15 AM
today reach sch abt 7.10am
thn i hurry take my fn coursework
from xt as she help me print
i quickly run to the staffroom there
to put into ms wati pigeon holes
Mt lesson need to write tat boring compo
i no mood to write sia
thn is aft reccess is bio lesson
aft doing some work we had to leave
for the field trip to sungei buloh
i so happy to skip eng lesson
sungei buloh is a nature reserve park
it was a mangroves in there
there is damn hot with mosquito flying around
me and xt was like keep scatching our leg
but we get to see kingfishes catching fish
it damn cool ok
we saw mudskipper cute!!!
thn we had aso saw water monitor
so huge sia...
i wanted to see crocodiles very much
but no chance sia
we aso gt saw dog-faced snake
awesome sia...the snake so small nia
i gt saw the singapore vinegar crab
there are so many in the mud there
i saw the horseshoes crab too
so special!!! it doesnt look like crab
i get to see little egret and little heron too
those animal are like a new thing to me
finally we finish the trip
and went back to sch

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