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Friday, September 25, 20096:07 AM
about 5 month nvr post
actually is the fact i lazy la
this year life isnt as good as last year
so i suppose not to post
EOY coming soon
stress abt it!!!
today lesson quite slack
gonna fall asleep soon in class
aft sch,me,ming and kerencia went to yiling hse
yiling bro was at home and had to meet him
buying lunch and of cos ice-blend!
yiling cut some mooncake for us
nt delicious at all
i eat le feel uncomfortable immediately
over there watching scary movie 4
funny nt scary
watch half-way fall asleep
thn awaken by yiling laughs
aft tat cnnt take it alr
lie on yiling bed to sleep
despite her bro was at there playing comp
wake up at abt 4++
it was refreshing to hv a long sleep
aftward walk back home
it was a long and tiring day
nth to do at all
tat all for today...

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