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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Wednesday, October 13, 20106:40 AM
Kevinwoo new hairstyle and makeup :)

wake up early in the morning at 6.45am
wash up and get changed
went to classroom expecting to saw ker or fiona
in the end only saw weili sitting in classroom
then realised that only 2 of us sia
Mt lesson start at 8am
so mean that 8am came to school -.-
walao i thought normal school time
waste my time sia
sms ker and she just wake up
then chit chat with weili
Hu fang came and give us some worksheet to do
then Belinda come at like 8am like that
followed by shini and weiqiang
then ker came at 8.20 like that
in the end that fiona lim no come school today
she overslept!
alot of o lvl mt no come today
only 6 ppl came
after that end at 10am
eat western in school
thn proceed to qf house
omg her dog was so huge that i really dun wan to go near
watch qf play audi -.-
watch Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif
after that play mahjong with ker,qf and her sis
listen to her sis talk lots of things
which i felt weird and make sense at the same time
and wanted to invite us to dunno who house
not sure if i'm going or not
qf's sis treat us mac :)
then play some monopoly card which no play before
told me awhile to understand how to play
first round already take us 1 hrs to finish
haha that funny...
play until 5pm like that
then took bus home
feel damn tired for such long playing times

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