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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Saturday, October 16, 20107:30 AM
Shinee sticky!
Pink colour one is Key
Purple colour one is Onew

Long time ago pic,playing at the sakae with key name

Today went out with ker and qf :)
went to bugis first
for the sake of eating the hot dog bun
our lunch was only that
because our money are limited
thanks to Taos restaurant "irony"
then take MRT to Cityhall
walk to city link at around 3pm
wait for the shinee admins to come
3.30pm reach and yet told us to wait another 15mins more
alot of teenage girls like us is waiting too
hanging outside the starbucks coffee
then admins start to sell shinee hello repackage album
I din buy because i wan buy ukiss de XP
and only interested in the sticky
Alas before ker get the album to her hands
all were being chased out by security guard
and starbuck staff member
feel pity for those admins :(
then a bunch of girls following the admins
we have no choice but to follow
feel kinda awkward luh
thn reach a place which I dunno how to describe
alot of boys doing street dance at there -.-
then begin the sales of album
need to wait another 20mins for the sticky
finally the stock came XD feel so happy
I buy key and onew sticky
cost me $10...
think worth it
the sticky gt their korea name on it
OMG how do they do it one?
after buying went to Sun Tec City
walk and hang around
saw a stall selling poster
and I saw UKISS!
must buy it
GBM that I can go out on nxt sat
so that I can buy my UKISS poster
after that momoko come find us
because she and ker is going to JYJ concert
went to have dinner at food terrance
momoko sure have a hard time in finding us
I giving her directory on how to come here
after finishing say GOODBYE to ker and momoko
wait for bus with qf
around 8pm reach home
my body is aching again
tmr going to cousin hse XD

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