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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Saturday, October 30, 20109:17 AM
Today is another long and fun journey
went to plaza meet ker and qf
take LRT to phoenix to meet momoko
because ker need to take money from her
for the album collection
thn train till CCK
thn took MRT all the way to woodlands
thn went to bus interchange
took bus 168 to Bedok
around 1.30 reach Bedok
the person already at there
ker and momoko collect JYJ one
thn I collect my
damn happy to see the poster and album
went to Tampines shop shop
eat at the Popeye
the chicken and fries are delicious!
open Ukiss album
haix I know I wont get KEVINWOO card
instead I get Eli one
but anyway its ok
because I like Eli too XP
the album was like a book
with all of them inside
glad that at least gt alot
of Kevin face inside XD
heh me and ker shop at CC again
bought key photo again
Tampines CC was much much better I can said
after that decided to go AMK HUB
because heard that gt sell kpop poster
took bus 22 all the way there
OMG it was like so long to reach there
in the end actually there was nothing much
no much of shinee or ukiss at all
waste our time
thn went to buy KOI
share large cup of milk tea with ker
wooo really damn nice la the milk tea
thn decided to go Suntec again
cause we thought of eating at Albert cafe
thn we decided to change to other
eat at a Korea restaurant
Eat a Soba set meal with ker
have a really full dinner
thn ker wanted to go Bugis buy something
from Suntec walk to Bugis is near
my knowledge is really useful ok haha
shop at Bugis street
money limited so no buy clothes :(
then took bus home
the whole journey was standing
my leg ache alot
finally home was comfortable
had a fun day with ker and qf
my poster is with ker
will get it on mon

Like a book~so cool


Eli card XD

The disc

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