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Monday, October 18, 20109:35 AM
today went to lot 1 to meet my mum
have lunch at Pasta Mania
because we have a free voucher for it
so our lunch is free :)
after that take MRT to Bugis
cause my mum want to buy bag
walk around bugis street and OG
bought 3 bag at once
wow that is splendid
2 is my mum de and 1 is for me
then went for dinnner
my mum saw a shop selling spicy soup
is china stall one
thn decided to try out
I order the Si chuan cold noodles
told that person don wan too spicy
in the end when i eat
damn SALTY!
I say don wan too spicy doesnt
mean u give me salty one -.-
think they put half bottle of soy sauce in
I had to soak noodles in the soup to get rid of the sauce

it was not spicy at all
doesnt suit my taste at all
I din even want to touch it anymore
it not that the food is not delicious
it just that their taste is different from us
dammit,I wont eat at there anymore
it my first and last time too
bought bro and father dinner too
after that bused home
a really tiring day
saw @alexander_0729 saying that they
will be going to macau for MAMA(Mnet Asian Music Award)
OMG I just went to macau this june
they then now going!
really no fate with them T_T
ok 2 macau pic,lazy upload

Eating strawberry tart

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