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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Tuesday, October 12, 20106:17 AM
Yesterday review!
End POA paper ytd!
I finally have freedom!
after paper end went to collect my consent form
for the course in NY poly
then rush home to shower and get changed
headed to plaza to meet Ker and qf
took bus 700 to the stop after plaza sing
walk to Pomo shopping centre(never heard before though)
then went to have the HIGH CLASS LUNCH lol
6 course meal at the Taos restaurant

Went in and sit down
not much ppl inside and is damn quiet
except for a baby who keep crying
look at the menu and choose what we wanna eat
alot of choices for us to choose it
the following dish is the one I choose!
And then here come the first dish!
quite special because never eaten in this way before

After finishing is the starters!

after eating finishing this already feel quite full
nxt dish is the soup...
I love this because it was so creamy

Finally the beverages come
OMG I really love their tea most
so damn nice and special
especially the ROSE APPLES TEA!
really strongly recommend
-choices mostly is tea(flower with fruits)


Here comes the spot-star ok~Main course
their fish is big not small,the sauce really go well with it

Yeahh here comes the dessert!
~Creamy~with coffee like aroma(Y)thumb up

Super full after eating 6 dishes...
feel bloated and refuse to move
one person is $19.80+GST etc=$23.30
is worth it ok...6 dishes leh

staying at there chatting and taking pic around
despite we the only customer left at there
from 1pm eat until 3pm plus
after that proceed to go shopping wor
intend to watch movies but nothing to watch
went to arcade to play
saw DORAEMON in the machine
die die also want to catch
waste my $4 in that
only kerencia manage to get a ELMO
recommend to go sun tec walk walk
took bus but took the wrong ones
took bus 700-thanks to me!
ended up at the merlion park there LOL
well a good adventures ok
i finally saw the merlion
me and ker was taking pic around
realised that s'pore actually is so beautiful
then went to starbucks coffee slack
ordered MOCHA iceblend
gonna die in that shivering cold aircon shop
then decided to walk to clarke quay
because we nothing better to do
randomly walk,see underpass then walk through
feel like circling in the same areas haha
finally reach clarke quay

went to central see
found the sticky shop!
but no sell shinee sticky luh
then we sit and chat by the s'pore rivers
COOL! a relaxing atmosphere
at 9pm plus headed homes
damn tired from the long walking!
but was damn fun
wake up at 6 plus in the morning
get changed and went to meet shini at plaza at 7.30am
then take 171 with kunda they all go yishun MRT
then reach yio chu kang MRT
and walk to NY Poly there
some teacher fetch us over at there
then walk into the poly
was damn big la the poly
went to a room kinda like FN
the teacher teaching about ice cream
using different kind of ingredient to make
gt cream,evaporated milk and pure milk
I in the group with kunda and shini
we doing evaporated milk de
mix here and there
put in the ice cream machine for 30mins
then scoop out and put in freezer
ok the product come out wasnt very good
because evaporated milk is very sweet
cream and pure milk is nice
overall satisfied with this course :)
after that went for lunch
had chicken rice...$2.50
after that is science lesson
learning about what bacteria etc
everything is link with BIO
do experiment blah blah blah
that teacher is funny when talking
she was so passionate in teaching haha
after that the courses end
just at 3pm plus
so early lor...
seem like cindy they all went to causeway point
me and shini go lot 1 buy drinks
went to comic connection look again
saw ukiss exercise book and folder
OMG i want it especially gt kevin individual pic
but too expensive already :(
found some nice nice key ezlink sticker
bought 2 for me and ker :)
and then headed home
ok my post was so long

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