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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Cookies Day XD
Tuesday, November 16, 20105:49 AM
wake up at 11 plus
thn off to plaza
to find Ker
eat at KFC
had Brandito yum yum
saw Cindy walking around
she looks alone :(
after that went to Daiso
to buy something
for Kevin Woo present
bought a nice gift box
and a wrapping bag
:) satisfied with it
then went on to NTUC
to buy ingredient for the cookies
after that head back to my house
begin to prepare all the equipment
Ker help me to measure all the flour
after that I begin to rub the dough
while Ker sit aside and watch
after doing the dough
use mold to shape the thing out
Ker was craving the korea word on it
so I did the same name
each alphabet on one cookies
so that it will become his name XD
both of us were happy with it
Ker do the cookies quite big uh
her one almost chao da because
she din use enough more dough
Alas the cookies came out good
quite delicious XP
Hoped Kevin Woo will love it
I intend to give him sticky too
because I think Korea don have sticky
I was so looking forward to give him
GBM that he will receive it and eat :)

This is the cookies I bake
the above one is Kevin korea name
its not clear because I din crave deep enough :(
Below one is Kevin Woo Sunghyun
I realised I forget to put the G word
absent minded me XP
the S word was not done well :(
some look chao da haha

This is Key word
especially done for him
prove that I din forget him too XP

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