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Tuesday, November 2, 20105:57 AM
TIRED is one way to describe today
muahaha today skip school
because wake up late
plus Ker and Fiona also
so coincidence
thn sleep all the way to 10.30am
went down to buy breakfast
thn shower
preparing to go CCK MRT
to meet that person
for the payment of UKISS CONCERT
bought 2 ticket for $76
me and my cousin is going
she gives me the receipt first
ticket will be collected on the other times
at the same time
meeting my cousin too
train all the way to HARBOR FRONT
Gosh the journey is damn long
finally reach
my cousin went to collect her phone
intend to watch movies
train to plaza sing
went to starbucks for the connection
so that we can check the show times
but dunno why cnnt connect
my cousin call her sis
to help check on internet
tsk her sis cant even check
should say is dunno bah
my cousin at there dulan
almost scream on the phone to her sis
I ask her to hang la
waste our times
I say call my friend more efficient
phoned Ker immediately
haha as expected
we know where to go watch the movie and time
but because my cousin need to be back home by 7pm
the movie start at 4.50,end at 6.45
so we had to cancel this
went around shopping
bought milk tea and fried mushroom to eat
heh went to CC to shop again
saw UKISS hp strap
bought without hesitation
because was damn hard to find them
today was like keep walking
walking and walking and walking
nw my leg ache even more
the pic wasnt very clear
>UKISS concert receipt<

>UKISS hp strap<

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