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Monday, November 1, 20109:14 AM
today wake up late
at about 8.15 like that
at the same time ker sms me
say she out already
so I had to hurry
reach school and no much ppl there
Yan lao shi is taking over us
do the same boring ws again
she keep on go through and on
until 10.30am -.-
went to plaza with ker
to have MC breakfast
order sausage egg muffins
had a yummy breakfast :)
then went to popular see mag
saw epop gt free shinee poster
me and ker bought the same one
hah,but forget to take my popular
card if nt gt discount
went to CC again
thn library
heh this time round gt the book I want
proceed to ker house
so that I was able to get my UKISS poster
damn happy when I get it XD
already book the ticket
shall be meeting the person at CCK
for payment tmr

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