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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Ukiss Concert On 19nov
Saturday, November 20, 20107:06 AM
Ytd went to see ukiss concert
arrived at Bedok reservoir Park
at 4pm plus
alot of ppl have queue up already
sit down and wait
even bought snack to eat
and MC for dinner XP
at about 5pm plus
ready to go in already
OMG I was so excited luh
realised that $38 ticket
had to stand at the side stage
while the priority queue is in the front
but its ok :D
the host ask us to sing
Happy Birthday Song to Kevin
All the kissme shawol begin to sing
in both English and Korea
the Korea part all of us at there
mumbling haha
stand at there for so long
me and my cousin was so sweaty
when the concert begin
there were some unknown band
singing and performing
some are from temasak poly
wait till 9.20pm!
Ukiss then come -.-
at that time I turn around
and saw 2 big white van
coming into the carpark
my instinct told me that
it was UKISS van
then I told my cousin about it
Haha I really guess correct sia
because alot of ppl outside
begin to gather at there
after a few mins
the host say that UKISS have arrived!
LOL I so zun la
I have waited and stand 4hrs plus
for Ukiss arrival
finally UKISS come on stage
OMG all of the fans was so high!
included me XP
begin to take out camera to video
however can only video their back
and side view :(
I was so excited when I saw KEVIN
Eli was the nearest to us
When they were singing
>End of the road<
Eli suddenly turn and sing to us
all the fans keep yelling and waving
I was waving frantically to Eli
and shout "HELLO ELI"
I was a really crazy fans that time
Eli was so handsome in real person
OMG really handsome la
even my cousin agree
Eli is the most handsome among them XP
at that time
my cousin agree too haha
Soohyun also keep turning to us
and all begin to wave too
and he smile shyly XD
and when he face us while dancing
he wept away the sweat
that tickles down his cheek
and was in a very cool way
Hahaha soohyun that expression damn funny luh
all of the fans at my side keep laughing
Soohyun and Eli turn to us the most time
I was so high when they sing binguel binguel
and keep shouting and waving
Ohh my throat is so pain la
Finally the concert end at about 10plus
Kevin finally turn to us XD :D
and he flying kiss to us 2X
GOSH I went blushing
and my heart skip a beat XP
I never thought I would see KEVIN
Kevin Woo is just as perfect as ever
same as cute as in the MV
Hah he also very white leh
My happiest moment is to see
Kevin Woo in real life :)
I will nvr forget that moment
Dongho is also damn a cutie la
he was playing with the bubbles
on the stage haha
I also saw Alexander nearly fall down
on the stage
and his expression was like worrrr
then saw Kevin tell him
~be careful~
Kibum also turn and wave GOODBYE
to us before leaving XD
anyway ytd night UKISS
already left S'pore
and went back to Korea
So sad luh :(
aft the concert I found the
Gift Collection Counter
That person told me they will receive it
But when? one week? one month?
OMG I din ask
The gift inside is cookies leh!
What if Kevin nvr received it TT
I spend alot of time doing sia
Lucky ytd the whole day no rain
because there is no shelter -.-
I saw my UKISS anyway :)
Hoped Kevin WOO
received my gift soon!

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