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Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Wednesday, November 10, 201011:08 AM
Yeah today O lvl Mt over!
this time paper much much easier
compared to the one in June
Hope can improve bah :)
went to lot one have lunch
with Ker,Fiona,Momoko,Bryan and Syafiqah
that Bryan last mins want watch movie
>Legend Of The Guardian<
Fiona favourite owl...
in the end decide to watch 3.20pm de
need to went to Causeway Point there
Momoko and Syafiqah din go watch
Hah Bryan is the only boy
2plus thn train to Woodland
reach there abt 3pm
Shocked to see the queue was so long
waste our time
in the end at 3.30pm thn buy the ticket
rush into the room immediately
though we miss a little of the starting
overall this movie is funny and thrilling
except that Fiona sitting beside me
keep telling me what owl is this
yea abit nagging haha
she can suddenly say
"Eh this owl bad one'
we keep shhhhhs at her
however it is best to bring jacket to cinema
because we were all shivering at there
movie end at almost 5pm
thn go CC shop again XP
reach home almost 6pm
ahhh today din take my afternoon nap
energy is draining away :(
guess my nap is important for me
if I wake up early in morning
gonna go regain my energy
by getting enough beauty sleep
:) kevinwoo say this before too

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