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Saturday, November 13, 20106:31 AM
Yesterday was so super tired
went to do part time job
with Ker,Ming and Gilliam
meet at 10.10am
arrived at SMU 11am
become a promoter
to ask ppl to sign up for card
its discount card and its free
at first i did not have the gut
to approach ppl
while explaining the card
I was tongue tied XP
as time passed by
getting used to it somehow
lucky morning eat one bread
because we did all the way till 4plus
somemore whole day standing
went to lavendar
because Ker want to collect her passport
in the end she cant
thn train to Ang Mo Kio to eat
for dinner at Sumo house
after that buy Koi drink XD
Train to Yo chu kang MRT
because I need to collect ukiss concert ticket
meet at 7.30pm
at there wait and wait
call the person and say will try to spot me
waited for 10min plus
still haven shown up
I called again to ask if she at YCK MRT
she say she at Toa Payoh
I was like SHOCKED
it was no wonder we cant meet each other
one at YCK and one at TPY
LOL quite funny
its her fault for nt informing
that she change the place
need train to Toa Payoh MRT
Ahhh tired and troublesome
finally met that person
and collect the ticket
train all the way back to Chua Chu kang
Train the whole day

This is the pic of us travelling around
except that I went Senja nt Petir

UKISS concert ticket :)

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