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3 days post
Sunday, December 12, 20108:00 AM
On Friday went out
with my cousin,aunt and my mum
went to meet at City Hall
walk to Marina Square
to have lunch
Eat Buffet!
hmm I think not very nice though
the variety was not very much
compared to other buffet
yet the price is so much expensive
anyway have a full lunch
went to shop shop
but me and my cousin
keep on chatting and chatting XD
after that walk all the way
to Marina bay sand
went to have a look at the shopping centre
well very boring though haha
walk around and around
doing nothing else
both my mum and aunt is tired
from those walking
so decide to go home
ahhh boring uh?
went home at about 8pm?
the night scenery at there
is duber pretty and amazing
reach home at about 9.30pm
well that how its end :P
Yesterday was my Mum Birthday
all my relatives came to my house
to celebrate my mum birthday
happy to see my cousin they all
watching "The Child Eye" together
a ghost movie film by Rainie Yang
Not very scary though
instead I think is touching
because the story is very sad :(
then went on to look at funny video clip
keep on laughing and laughing
then went to play with my nephew
surprised at his new hairstyle
he cut full fringe?
Damn a cutie luh :D
after that time for dinner!
Have steamboat for it
enjoying the variety of ingredient
keep on eating the bacon
known as shobu shobu in Japan?
expensive XXX meat
and got abalone too~
have a very full dinner time
then its time to cut the cake
all of us singing birthday song :)
to my Mum
those adults keep on playing
Mahjong for the whole day
left at about 11pm
Tiring for all of us
Today went to plaza
because I wanna buy
JJ Lin new album >She says<
because Cinday told me that
if I buy it, will be able to
get a special privilege
is to able to receive gift
from JJ Lin personally XD
Hah so I must quickly go buy
since it is limited
its give u a card
so that u can show it
to prove that u are able to
receive the gift
at JJ Lin autograph sessions
supported JJ Lin for 6 years
hope can get to shake his hands
then saw epop
shinee is on the cover page !
left last 2 book of the shelves
so must grabbed it quicky
Heh today also buy some clothes
think it a pretty good day for me today
since I was able to buy what I want
~The end~ XP
Here are some pics

JJ Lin album

The card to show to get the gift

Shinee epop

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