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Just couldn't resist his face!
Kevin우성현 :) is mine
♥I love HIM♥ !
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Daniel Radcliffe make my day ^^
Sunday, December 5, 20107:07 AM
Today is a good good day
lucky lucky day too ^^
Dye my hair today again
just for fun XP
for dinner my mum din cook
so went hungry
but I busy watching Pokemon
brings back my childhood memory
then my bro went to order pizza
but not Pizza Hut
he order Domino Pizza
My favourite :)
Its delicious than Pizza Hut de
enjoying my pizza
while playing my facebook games
then log in twitter
saw Daniel Radcliffe tweet
~got any questions feel free to ask me~
I randomly tweet to him
never really expect anything
never expect him to reply
because my hand is busy holding pizza
so I lazy type formal -.-
@DanRadcliffee May I know about Harry Potter 6?
lalala I just tweeted it
However he really reply me!!!!
Daniel Radcliffe REPLY ME!!!!
The male lead of Harry Potter>for those who dunno
I got really excited :) XD
EXCITED at once
@100dayshine sorry but I don't really understand what you're asking for but you can go buy the book and the movie :)
Cant believe I saw my twitter name at there XP
So lucky,happy and GREAT ^^
He really make my day
My mood is super good now :)
Hahahaha he tweeted to me fast and
I was the first :D
Gosh Daniel Radcliffe tweet to me twice ^^
I ask
@DanRadcliffee Is there any other movies you film other than Harry Potter?
He only reply yes though
But I alr very contented with it
not like someone lor > Kevinwoo
Wait until so long
still nvr receive reply from him
not even one reply -.-
Bleh in his face !
haha forget it
I will forgive Kevinwoo this time
Thanks Daniel Radcliffe!
I will never forget u the first idol
who tweeted to me ^^

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