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Day at Genting
Thursday, December 2, 20104:25 AM
A late update about Genting
came back on Sunday
it just that I lazy to post XP
actually I every year go Genting
go until I dunno what to do
so at there mostly is walk around
with no aim at all
except that we enjoy KBOX
me and my cousin was damn high at there
cant believe I found Shinee,Ukiss and B2ST song
though only got Ring Ding Dong,Man Man Ha Ni and bad girl
haha at least got some kpop for me to enjoy
at KBOX let me gain back the memory
of JJ Lin song XD
lucky I still know how to sing LOL
afterward keep on shopping
bought some clothes
and went to watch 2 movies
Unstoppable and Rapunzel
that Unstoppable movie at first was so boring
cant believe that bored till I fall asleep
first time fell asleep in cinema -.-
Alas the exciting part was at quite behind
at that moment I then begin to feel awake
Rapunzel is damn funny
laughing away through the whole movie
It was a really nice movie
Din went to theme park this year
because keep raining :(
no thrilling this year
Day at Genting was like nothing much
Sleep,eat,walk was all we do
Adults always got business at there
was to go Casino gamble ><
till midnight still want go gamble
me and cousin will spend time in hotel room
in evening watching show in hp or PSP
till the dinner time
think we spend the most time eating and eating
that how my holiday gone haha
On the first day
My Yi Po bring us eat high class lunch
>Abalone set meal< :)
First dish is Shark Fin

Second dish is the spot light

Third dish I forget what the name
is a ostrich meat inside that pie
delicious anyway

fourth dish is Veggies

Fifth then come the fried rice
I don really like though

sixth is the Dessert
>Sago honeydew<

This one is on the first day
dinner with my cousin at Hou Mei
their noodles course is always nice
but not the rice course
I ordered Herbal duck noodles and Ribena float

Eat 2 times Baskin and Robins ice-cream with my cousin
Their vanilla is always the best XD
This is Vanilla and Lime sherbet flavour

This one is Cotton candy and strawberry cheesecake flavour

OPPS Drinking with my cousin,bro and uncles
I really only have 1 glasses of it
din drink much with my cousin

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